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Nord-West F.C. - Your Source of Seafood from the Arctic Circle!

Established in 1989, our company is a leading vertically integrated processor of saltwater fish and seafood in Murmansk. We specialize in wholesale trade of single frozen products of MSC Atlantic Cod, Haddock, the most popular products are IQF fillet loins, belly portions, bits & pieces blocks, mince. All our fish is harvested from the clean waters of North Atlantic by own vessels, then delivered to our factory and processed to the highest standards.

Our EU authorised factory is equipped with a modern thermoform packing line which allows to provide various types of packaging. Our control of all stages of fish harvest, processing, production and sales and our endless drive to innovate and incorporate new technologies have allowed us to bring a wide range of highest-quality fish products to customers worldwide.

Over the past decades of export experience, we have shown ourselves as a reliable supplier for many companies in the EU, UK and USA markets. You can find our production at our retail showroom store in Murmansk as well as in the best European stores and restaurants .

Proud to maintain the highest standards of sustainability, safety and quality, we are independently certified to MSC CoC standards, the production process is controlled in accordance with the HACCP principles. We invite new partners to a fruitful cooperation for various projects: retail, value-added manufacturing, food service and others. Please send your requests to info@nw-fc.ru.

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We offer a wide selection of products from Atlantic Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Plaice, Wolffish, Coldwater Shrimp, and Skate.
Our most popular products are single, individual quality frozen fillet loins and portions. We also offer industrial blocks and many other standard and specialty items.
We would love hear from you and learn of any potential projects you may have, whether for retail, value-added manufacturing, food service, or other applications.

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